SOLVING is a novel service to mitigate and prevent the dispersion and accumulation of plastic debris in the marine ecosystem.


Mitigation, prevention e servitization.

GreenPlasma technology

This system, conceived, designed and patented by IRIS, is based on the thermal plasma technology.


The best solution to save our sea.

SOLVING is a novel service to mitigate and prevent the dispersion and accumulation of plastic debris in the marine ecosystem.

SOLVING offers an affordable integrated approach, which combines cutting-edge technologies for marine litter collection / sorting / recycling, hydrogen harvesting from residues and capillary prevention actions to stop producing marine litter for ever.


An advanced technologies to collect
and convert marine litter into recyclable materials.


Marine litter is a major environmental problem: the total quantified cost of degradation is estimated to be up to 700 M€. These however represent a small portion of actual costs as it is not possible to quantify impacts to all economic sectors. Collection methods today are expensive, inefficient and prevention actions are being implemented slowly.


SOLVING offers an integrated service with a systemic approach to recover raw materials, ease recycling, produce energy and implement concrete local prevention actions. Moreover SOLVING service can be easily operated even in the most remote difficult to access areas, this will simplify the requirements in terms of low added value logistics for the waste.



Mitigation, prevention e servitization.


SOLVING is based on an integrated approach.

Thanks to the integration into one service of advanced technologies, exploited from successful R&D IRIS projects, to collect, convert marine litter into recyclable materials and extract energy from the residual fraction.


SOLVING implements a credit system that certifies quantities
and data related to collection of marine plastic waste.

IRIS owns a long track record of cooperation with stakeholders committed to marine litter prevention actions. In SOLVING, selection and implementation of projects will be entrusted to Marevivo

Thanks to a new plastic credit scheme to actively engage responsible actors (companies, citizens) upstream of the marine litter problem, committing them to a rapid transition. The principle is to involve plastic producers and users in an effective compensation for their indirect responsibility in originating the problem. Prevention projects will engage citizens to a virtuous behavioral change.


Full traceability of collected waste quantities by RFID and Cloud storage.
Data & transactions certification
Based on blockchain technology
Plastic Credits

Plastic Credits

Credits to be sold to any entity willing to fund both mitigation and prevention (plastic industry, packaging industry, etc.)
Open Innovation<br/>
R&D Program

Open Innovation
R&D Program

University projects to improve product and packaging design.
In situ prevention projects
Replacing plastic bottles with glass.
In situ electricity exploitation
Green mobility


We create a product that can be sold as a service.

Thanks to digitisation and data, we have created a product that can be sold as a service. Multi annual, annual, seasonal and even single-campaign contracts are possible. IRIS has the expertise to implement a full remote-control of SOLVING, based on cloud servers and mobile clients.
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GreenPlasma technology
covered by 4 IRIS patents

The GreenPlasma technology was born from a project path at European level which has seen IRIS in the front line alongside the most important research institutes. The treatment, based on the thermochemical conversion, was born with the aim of treating waste in isolated places (shelters, small mountain communities, boats, off-grid contexts, etc.). Additionally, we decide to enlarge the research about the application on plastic recovery boats from the oceans, treating the marine litter on board without having to bring it back to shore. This will improve waste management in terms of time and costs (, project funded by the European Commission).

This system, conceived, designed and patented by IRIS, is based on the thermal plasma technology. It allows the treatment on a small-scale of non-recoverable and special waste. Thanks to the high temperatures reached (up to 5000 ° C) and the absence of oxygen, the organic waste fraction turns into gas which, after being filtered and purified from any harmful molecules, can be converted into heat and electricity.


A cleaner sea



Industrial impact

1000 service contracts worldwide contracts in 5 years with a potential of 100 m€ turnover, 100% of mitigation actions covered by plastic credits with additional 100 m€ (cost of prevention projects included).


Societal impact

reduction of public health issues, better quality of life, new qualified jobs related to service operation and to plastic credits management.

200 k

Environmental impact

200.000 tons of marine litter recovered / year plus prevention action funded by plastic credits.

SOLVING market target

Marinas and coastal authorities
(EU hosts about 10,000 marinas).
Plastic producers/users -> Plastic credits system can be sold to companies committed to concrete mitigation and prevention actions.

About IRIS

We are a strong innovative small enterprise specialized in the development of innovative technologies for the circular economy in small-scale industrial and civil institutions. We are strongly committing to SOLVING and we believe it can be a hugest opportunity in increasing and developing our business. In 5 years SOLVING will be the most important project for our company.

We are a multidisciplinary team with all the required skills technical, economic and legal. We have already carried out scale-ups. We improved our business vision thanks to coaching services offered by the European Commission
We are aware of the level of ambition of the project and risks.


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